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C e r a m i c s

Studio of Ceramist D. Michael Coffee

Southwest Colorado

I work with various high fire stoneware and porcelain clay bodies that I fire in my custom built gas reduction kiln. My glaze palette consists of various Shino, Tenmoku, Celadon, Nuka, Chun and Ash reduction fired glazes.

I'm interested in variation of form and surface, striving to not repeat myself. I'm primarily interested in nonlinear paths of development in the objects I make. The common thread that stitches my work together is an overriding desire to be surprised by the outcome, as though I wasn’t present during the process.

My Shino, Ash and Tenmoku glazed stoneware Chawan, Yunomi, Guinomi and Mizusashi are highly collected by tea practitioners and enthusiasts worldwide. My sculptural and functional ceramics are included in hundreds of prestigious public and private collections throughout the world, and have been shown in numerous solo and invitational exhibitions.

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